Our Educational Philosophy


Saint Joseph School, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, offers a quality Catholic, faith-based education to the children in the Diocese of Harrisburg. Our school program helps our children develop spiritually, intellectually, and physically so that they meet the challenges in their lives, applying Gospel values in our ever-changing society to become disciples for Christ.


  • We guide out students to the awareness of the power of God working constantly in our lives.
  • We foster in our students a strong sense of self-worth, integrity, morals, and spiritual values.
  • We see our students as unique individuals with strengths and weaknesses, yet with unlimited possibilities.
  • We encourage the love of truth, the value of sound reasoning, and the necessity for courageous living.
  • We encourage students to think constructively, to reason independently, and to accept responsibility for self-evaluation and self-instruction.
  • We teach integrated, relevant, and diverse curriculum that reflects Gospel values and prepares them for life’s work.
  • We foster in our students an appreciation for the arts and music, healthy living, and lifetime fitness.
  • We discipline with dignity and in a clear, consistent manner to ensure safety and learning.
  • We maintain a safe and nurturing school environment.
  • We join with families in the educational process of educating their children.
  • We serve those in need no matter where they are.
  • We create an atmosphere enlivened by the Gospel spirit of charity, freedom, and truth, which is based upon mutual respect, concern, and a strong sense interdependence among administration, faculty, students, and families.