Student Service Council

Feed the hungry.
Give drink to the thirsty.
Clothe the naked.
Visit the sick.
Shelter the homeless.
Visit the imprisoned.
Bury the dead.

The Student Service Council works through the Corporal Works of Mercy to minister to God’s creation.  Our service projects strive for a just, peaceful, and loving society, which God wants us to achieve.  Our projects also provide an opportunity for our members to practice their faith.  We have been blessed to have helped, and to continue to care for, our students, parishioners, neighbors, citizens, animals and environment.

The SSC is an organization made up of twenty-two elected members—four officers and eighteen homeroom representatives—from grades six, seven, and eight.   During the month of September, the middle school students participate in a civics lesson on the election process.  They register to vote, self-nominate, sign endorsement petitions, campaign for office, and hold elections.  A short induction ceremony is held in the Church to start our new Student Service Council year officially.

The SSC schedule tries to incorporate a service activity once a month.  Successful projects include the St. Francis Animal Care Products Collection (benefitting animal shelters), the Middle School Costume Contest, the Christmas Gram Sale and “Souper” Bowl Collection (both benefitting food distribution centers), serving as Catholic Schools Week guides and babysitters, the Middle School Talent Show, Spring Fling Social, and a variety of dress down day collections (benefitting cancer research, Earth day, and Our Lady of Hope Children’s Home in Jamaica).  Each year, the representatives vote on what projects to keep and bring new ideas to consider.

At the end of the school year, the members of SSC are recognized at the Awards Assembly for their hard work and good service.