“The choice to send our kids to Saint Joseph School was a natural one, with both of us being products of Catholic educations ourselves.  It is a decision we have never regretted because we know SJS is where our whole family belongs.  SJS provides a warm, caring environment where our kids can learn about and practice their faith each and every day, all while receiving a top-notch education from a professional staff who go above and beyond to give our kids all that they need to succeed in school and in life.”

–Tom and Maryann Karli, parents of 8th and 4th grade students at SJS and 12th and 10th grade students at Trinity High School

“We’ve had a very positive experience at SJS.  It was a good decision to send our daughters there and it was not a decision made lightly.  Our eldest daughter went to SJS K-8th grade, and her education there fully prepared her for the high school years at Trinity.  Saint Joseph School not only teaches a student the typical ABCs but also responsibility, honesty, self-reliance, and respect of others.  The middle school experience at SJS builds on those lessons by teaching time-management, independence, and study skills.  Since our first child began school, the school has expanded its offering and resources immensely, all while keeping the ‘one big family’ atmosphere.  To put it simply, if we had it to do over again, we would definitely send our girls to Saint Joseph School.”

–Vic and Tracy Montefour, parents of two SJS alums

“Having attended Catholic school for 12 years myself, I knew the value of a Catholic education, but my husband and I still had questions.  Once we had the chance to tour Saint  Joseph School and meet with some of the staff, the decision was easy.  That was more than five years ago, and we have never once questioned that choice.  Not only is the school size extremely conducive to providing an excellent education, but the quality of the teachers and educational initiatives are top notch.  I have found all of the staff to be responsive, caring, and eager to make each day a positive experience for the students.  In my career I have had the opportunity to observe how many local schools function and can say with certainty there is nowhere I would rather send my child than SJS.  It is worth every cent.”

–Parent of a 7th grade student

“Transferring our children to Saint Joseph School is the best decision we ever made!  They are challenged every day and they really enjoy going to school.  The teachers and staff of SJS focus on developing the whole child—intellectually, spiritually, and socially.  It is a wonderful experience for our whole family and we highly recommend Saint Joseph School!”

–Dan and Michelle Serafin, parents of a 7th grade student and a 10th grade student at Trinity High School

“We came to Saint Joseph School last year with children in 6th grade, 4th grade, and Kindergarten.  When we came, we were looking for a structured, faith-based environment where our children could learn and grow.  What we found here has been so much more.  The caring and compassion of all of the faculty and staff is something you should experience for yourself.  They helped us in the process of switching schools, patiently answered all of our questions, made sure we had all of the information we needed, and, most importantly, made our children feel welcome.  The staff made a special effort to suggest ways that our children could meet classmates over the summer before school started and put us in touch with the parents who coordinated extracurricular activities that interested them.  Thanks to their efforts, our children had the opportunity to make friends even before classes started.

“The school year was also an exceptional experience for all of us.  Our older children commented on how well the students treated each other.  There was no bullying or intimidation.  It was understood that such behavior was not tolerated.  Each child and each teacher is reminded that Christ is the model for our behavior, and it shows in how they treat each other.  From the principal down, the Faith on which the school is based is evident.

“Kindergarten was truly a joy.  My youngest loved to come, and the teachers did a fantastic job of helping the kindergarten students make the transition into school.  We had the opportunity to volunteer in the kindergarten class and see how well the teachers handled the day-to-day issues a group of five-year-olds encounter as they learn to get along as a group.  At the end of the year, my son wanted to know if his teacher could come to first grade with him.

“As a family, we could not be happier to have chosen Saint Joseph School.  Being a part of this community has been a blessing for all of us.”

–Brant and Chrissy Copeland, parents of 8th and 4th grade students and an SJS alum

“Our family is so happy to be part of the SJS Community.  When we first attended an open house at the school, we were immediately excited by the loving, caring, and positive atmosphere.  Having religion and sharing God’s love as part of our children’s everyday routine in school has certainly had a positive impact on their lives.  The teachers and all the SJS families truly care about each student, and it’s wonderful to see the love shine through to your children.  We are so proud to be a Saint Joseph family!”

–Jennifer and Zachary Kuntz, parents of 7th and 4th grade students

“As a parent and graduate of Saint Joseph School, my wife and I wanted our elementary-school children to experience quality Catholic faith teachings integrated with the same exceptional education that I received.  SJS provides this all to our children.  SJS approaches the teaching of the Catholic faith through the importance of prayer and knowing God.  The same values of helping others, demonstrating respect, showing commitment, and integrity taught in our home is reinforced at SJS through a warm, nurturing, and supportive environment.

“Also impressive are the small class sizes and the school’s strong dedication to the basic fundamentals of reading, math, and writing.  Our children receive an exemplary education from dedicated teachers and a committed school administration.  We have noticed the teachers’ goals are to develop a strong foundation and good work ethic to enable our children to be responsible and equipped for life’s challenges.  Our children have had the positive ability to foster some great childhood friendships, and, through them, we have also developed some wonderful SJS family friendships.  Our children love the new iPads and extracurricular activities (football, basketball, cheerleading, Brownies…), but their favorite as elementary children is still – recess.

“I’m fortunate that I received an exemplary religious and educational foundation from SJS, and my children are fortunate to be sharing this same experience in their formative years.  We anticipate that when they leave SJS and embark in their life journeys, they will have received a solid foundation of quality religious and educational teachings that will add meaningful direction in their academic and spiritual life.  I would recommend SJS for any family serious about giving the best gift to their children – a learning environment with strong Catholic values and exceptional education.”

–Michael and Sheila Britt, parents of 7th and 6th grade students